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We are the nations leading distributor with over 50 years of combined experience in Wound, Genetic & Blood Testing. We've partnered with the most reliable labs in the world to better serve you.

About Us

Our mission is simple - to provider superior clinical testing and service that simultaneously saves your facility money. We provide trained phlebotomists to service your facility 7 days a week - if needed - with ZERO STAT fees. We offer a wide variety of wellness tests that allows us to provide all your testing needs under one roof. Contact us today for a healthier tomorrow!


Who We Help

SNF's & ALF's

The large majority of our blood testing clients fall under skilled nursing or assisted living facilities. Our swab UTI test is also popular among these allowing you to do away with urine collecting!​​

Wound Management

Wound management groups and physicians heal 98% of their hard-to-heal patients within 12 weeks! Open wounds are a thing of the past with our wound care program.

Medical Facilities

If you have a need for wound, genetic, or blood testing we have you covered! Contact us today to get all of your lab testing needs under one roof integrated directly with your EMR.

Donating Blood

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