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Best Lab Tests™ is an official distributor for Zenith™

Reimbursement Support and Resources

We provide our customers with reimbursement support, including insurance verifications, prior authorizations, and claims.

How our Our Team can help:





Simple 3-Step Process





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This information is for educational/informational purposes only and should not be construed as authoritative. The information presented here is based upon publicly available source information. Codes and values are subject to frequent change without notice. The entity billing Medicare and/or third-party payors is solely responsible for the accuracy of the codes assigned to the services or items in the medical record. When making coding decisions, we encourage you to seek input from the AMA, relevant medical societies, CMS, your local Medicare Administrative Contractor, and other health plans to which you submit claims. Items and services that are billed to payors must be medically necessary and supported by appropriate documentation. It is important to remember that while a code may exist describing certain procedures and/or technologies, it does not guarantee payment by payors.

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Step 1

Clinician Identifies Patient

Step 3

Benefits Summary Provided 24-48 Hours Post IVR 

Insurance Benefit Verification (IVR)

We know wounds can’t wait. Our verification process takes approximately 24-48 hours.


Coding and Billing Questions

Our reimbursement experts can help by answering your coding or billing questions for Legacy products.


Prior Authorizations

Our team is always here to help you with prior authorizations and other submissions.

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