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The building blocks to our success was founded on the idea of being a high class concierge service to medical clinic's office managers and physicians. We began our journey under the name Become A COVID Testing Site selling rapid antigen COVID-19 kits directly to physicians. We gradually evolved into a concierge service to directly help patients in their home and become a distributor for a virtual medicine company that gives our patients doctor visits in the comfort of their home.

Since 2022 we began paying our reps to also set up on-site medical clinics to offer the public a full array of wellness tests for employees, military personnel, and the overall public

With integrity at the forefront of what we do, we are looking for potential pharmaceutical reps to: 1. contact apartment buildings, military bases, and direct to consumers in their home; 2. connect them with one of our physicians; and 3. collect their test samples to send in to our lab.

Fill out our short form below and let us know a little about your selling experience. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship working with you in the near future! 

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